Basic Image Acquisition Software (BIAS)

Project BIAS


  1. Rodeostat Documentation
  2. Rodeostat Python Library
  3. Rodeostat Web App



Educational Colorimeter Kit

  1. User Manual with build instructions
  2. Ammonia measurements
  3. Nitrate measurements
  4. Nitrite measurements
  5. Phosphate measurements

Educational Photogate Kit

Photogate kit

Gel electrophoresis and imaging

  1. Electrophoresis power supply kit
  2. Blue LED transilluminator kit
  3. UV transilluminator kit
  4. Imaging enclosure kits

Laser cutter build documentation

Laser cutter build

Multi-Camera Tracking System (MCT)

MCT 0.1 documentation

Panels G4

Panels G4 test arena

Stir plate kits

Build a stir plate