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Linux CNC computer

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Linux CNC computer


See the Parts List section for a list of vendor information.

1) Motherboard


2) Memory


3) Hard drive


4) Computer case


Installing the motherboard & memory into the case

Open computer case - take off both removable sides


Mount motherboard with screws into the case


Install memory in the available sockets


Connect USB cable


Connect HD AUDIO cable


Connect 24-pin ATX POWER cable


Connect 4-pin ATX POWER cable


Connect hard drive SATA cable


Connect power switch and LED indicator cables


Finished image of the installed motherboard


Installing the hard drive

Unscrew the hard drive mount plate from the case


Mount the hard drive as shown in the images below


Mount the hard drive into the case


Connect POWER and SATA cables to the hard drive


Final Image

Finally, place the covers back onto the case.


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